Bianchi 7935 Spdbk HiGls LH Sz12 LowRide #23551

The SpeedBreak holster has all the features of the SL3.2.1 Duty Holster with the addition of an extended thumb break called the Knuckle Break. The Knuckle Break allows the user to release the thumb break in one smooth motion on the way to the thumblever. The primary advantages of this design are speed and simplicity.This Low Ride Version has an offset jacket-slot belt loop with a 1 1/2″ drop from a standard ride designed for female officers and others that require a low-ride holster.-ThumbLok retention device secures weapon internally upon holstering, activating the exclusive Auto Retention* feature.-Single plane drawing motion is natural and fast-Low maintenance, can be washed with soap and water-Injection molded jacket slot belt loop with ErgoTek comfort pad-User adjustable Tension Bars keep holster securely in place on belt-AccuMold Elite Trilaminate construction with Duraskin material-Standard ride-Fits up to 2.25″ duty belt*Auto Retention – The means by which a weapon, once holstered, and before securing any other external retention devices, instantly locks into place providing an extra measure of time to control a situation.LHHi-GlossSize 12 fits:S&W 4003TSW, 4006TSW, 5906TSW
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