Virtual Private Network and Dialup Connectivity Modem Strings

What to do when your dialup has intermittent network connectivity? Q u e s t i o nWhat do you do if you reside in a rural area, and your are constantly having problems connecting; when the modem tries to connect, it appears to be retraining continuously and then it either connects at a poor connection rate, or fails to connect at all.A n s w e r Due to the location, it may be necessary to lower the speed you connect at, as your modem is unable to maintain the faster V90 speeds.If you are running Windows 95/98/ME, just add the appropriate modem string from the list below.To find out what type of modem you have installed, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel then Modems.
To add the Extra String to your modem, double click on My Computer, then Dial-up Networking (for Windows ME, Dial-up Networking is located in the Control Panel).Right click on your Orcon connection, then left click on Properties.Click on the Configure button lower-down, click on the Connection tab along the top, and then the Advanced button lower-down.Type the appropriate string for your modem in the field for Extra String.If you are running Windows 2000/XP, to find out what type of modem you have installed:
Double click on My Computer, then Control Panel.Double click on the Phone and Modem options icon, then click on the Modems tab along the top.Click on the Properties button lower-down, then click on the Advanced tab along the top.Type the appropriate string for your modem in the field for Extra Initialization String.Note: If you are unable to connect after adding the below extra string, then this is not the right string for you.If you are using Windows 95 and 98, you will need to restart your computer after adding the extra string, or you will get Error 630 when trying to connect without restarting your computer.Examples:Rockwell/Conexant HCF/SoftK56 (Internal) modemAdd +MS=V34,1 to the extra stringRockwell/Conexant External modemAdd +MS=11Lucent WinmodemAdd s38=0-v90=0For Further Details and More Sources Your VPN Doctor has the Cure!
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